Discover the Difference: Leasing vs. Buying a Subaru

When it comes time to head to Baxter Subaru to test-drive the new Subaru you’re interested in, the final decision of whether to buy or lease your new Subaru can be quite difficult. Every customer’s financial situation is different, and at our Subaru dealership near Bellevue, NE, we want you to understand the benefits that come with financing vs. leasing a new Subaru. Whether you want to buy a new Subaru Forester or lease a new Subaru Outback, you’ll find that the Subaru finance experts at our Subaru dealership near Bellevue can help make the process as easy as possible.

You can get your car-shopping experience started from the comfort of your own home by accessing our Seamless Shopping experience and find the exact Subaru that fits what you’re searching for. Or, head to our Nebraska Subaru dealership and speak with one of our finance professionals who can explain whether you should buy or lease a Subaru.

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Should I Finance a Subaru near Bellevue, NE?

The advantages to financing a new Subaru can include:

  • You like the idea of owning your Subaru, as the title of the car is in your name, and not with a leasing company
  • Because you own your Subaru, you can customize it with genuine Subaru accessories
  • You can build up the resale value of your Subaru, and are free to sell your Subaru to anyone you want
  • Drive across Nebraska with no hesitation, as you’ll have no mileage limits when you finance at Baxter Subaru
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Should I Lease a Subaru near Bellevue, NE?

The benefits of choosing a Subaru lease can include:

  • You can upgrade to a new and more tech-friendly Subaru every few years once your Subaru lease term ends
  • You’ll enjoy a smaller down payment, which means less money up front
  • You’ll have lower monthly payments on your Subaru lease
  • You can enjoy lower repair costs because your vehicle is under a Subaru factory warranty

Apply for Subaru financing online, then head to Baxter Subaru to speak with a Subaru finance professional. They’ll be able to describe the ins and outs of the car-shopping process, and can help you decide whether you should buy or lease a Subaru.

Leasing vs. Buying a Subaru