Dog's names are in ( )

Front Row Left to Right

Brent McCoid Sales Manager (Jackson) - "I enjoy dirt track racing and Subaru rally racing."

Mike Lovejoy Love Encore (Daphne) - "I play trombone in a Jazz band every Monday, President of the Subaru club and race the Baxter Subaru rally car."

Justin Hill Sales (Oliver) - "I have an obsession with cooking."

Carry Short Sales (Soyer) - "Ienjoy golfing."

Kristie Ferguson Sales (Phoebe) - "Me, my husband and our 3 kids were all born on a leap year."

Tyler McGlade Finance Manager (Rush) - "Collegiate Kicker and avid Magic Player."

Back Row Left to Right

Sheila Eich - "I love horses and I volunteer at the Humane Society."

Wiley Mayne Sales Manager - "I have a passion for boats and am currently building my own wooden boat."

Ashlee Frazee Sales - "I lived in Alaska for 6 years and was able to drive a dog sled team."

Kurt Tibbs Finance Manager - "Previously I was a drag race instructor and was interviewed by Tom Brokaw."

John Mac Sales Manager - "I helped build custom cars for the Seema show"

Scott Garvin Sales Manager (Nika) - "I was a golf instructor in college."

RJ Hadley Sales - "I was lead singer of the original band, the Fishheads."

Justin Barney Sales Manager - "I  play the guitar and Ukulele. If you request a song, I will play on the showfloor!"

Dave Raiti Sales - "I enjoy boating and fishing!"

Andrew Jelinek Internet Sales (Charlie) - "I was a pilot in the air force. I recently adopted 2 pets from the NE Humane Society."

Jim Schall Love Encore - "I love to hike in the mountains and travel with my Grandkids!."

Morgan Collins Barista - "I am 20 years old and have moved 14 times."

Angela Emerson Receptionist - "I used to ride a motorcycle to school throughout high school. Still have my motorcycle license just no motorcycle."

Mike Bennett General Manager - "I enjoy taking my children hiking and exploring."

Stewart Akrin Sales - "My wife and I love collecting vintage memorabilia, going to junk stock and traveling."

Lee Ackley Sales - "I love the water and am wakeboarding as often as I can be!"

Tristan Skaff General Sales Manager - "Currently working on visiting every National Park in the United States with my family."

Elijah Ivy Sales - "I have always wanted to be a pro surfer."

Andrew Silberman Sales - "I have lived in 12 different states and I was a chef at Disney Land."

Don Murry Sales - "I met Muhammad Ali in 1985. When we shook hands Ali told me I had a strong grip but no hair."

Steve Lammerts Sales - "I have a (STAR WARS) TIE fighter Crosstrek and I am an artist."

Steve Sharp Finance Manager - "I have been the Mayor of Cedar Creek for nearly 10 years and have 888 skydives along with having my pilots license."

Josh Sutphen Finance Manager - "I used to live in the country and had a miniature potbelly pig that was potty trained indoors."

Not pictured

Mike Maciborski Sales - "I speak 4 different languages."

Christian Donohue Internet Sales - "I am a Harry Potter fanatic, I even have  Harry Potter tattoos."

Brian Smith Sales - "I’ve coached over 100 speakers in the US, Canada and Uganda. I also co-chaired Earth Day Omaha!"

Madison Scheuth Sales - "I enjoy Theatre and acting"

Dan Sullivan Lot Porter - "I dream of one day playing in the NFL."

Ricky Powell Lot Porter - "I have a 55 gallon fish aquarium with 3 big gold fish in it and each is named after my 3 kids."

Erick Mendoza Lot Porter - "I have an obsession with shoes."

Ethan Thornton Lot Porter/used car service - "I was with my parents when they both bought Subaru’s from Baxter Subaru and like it so much I applied and was hired!."

Mike Maldonado Used car service - "I lived in Japan for 4 years."

Peggy O'Doherty - "I spend all of my free time with my grandchildren."

Blaine Emerson Sales (Brutus) - "My dad and I won my 4th grade talent show by dancing to Evolution of Dance and I will randomly break out in a dance on the showfloor!"