The 2024 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

We are honored to be nationally recognized by Subaru of America, Inc. for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

The 2024 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award recognizes elite Subaru retailer who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as environment, community, health, education, and pets.

Here at Baxter Subaru Omaha, we love our community as much as we love our vehicles and are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of all of our customers and neighbors.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

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Did Baxter Subaru Omaha go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.



In a perfect world, hunger would be history and hope would be commonplace. We believe a perfect world is possible.

In 2020, Subaru and its retailers made a donation to Feeding America to provide 50 million meals to help feed people in need during the COVID-19 crisis,* making meals available at 199 local food banks across the country.

*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.



Subaru and our retailers are committed to protecting and preserving the Earth, not just by our words, but also by our actions.

More than 13 million pieces of hard-to-recycle waste collected and recycled through TerraCycle®.



Subaru believes we all should have a chance to lead a healthy life. That's why Subaru and its retailers, like us, partner with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) and their local hospital or cancer treatment center to give warm blankets and encouraging messages of hope, written by retailers and Subaru customers in their stores, to support patients facing cancer. Through our partnership with LLS, we've supported nearly 350,000 cancer patients nationwide. We're proud to be LLS's largest automotive donor.



Subaru and its retailers, like us, are continuing our support of education and high-needs schools in our communities through Subaru Loves Learning(R) by providing teachers across the country with funding to purchase the school supplies and resources they know are needed to help students thrive in the classroom. Through our partnership with, Subaru and its retailers will have supported more than 470,000 students nationwide and are proud to be their largest corporate supporter.



Subaru believes all pets deserve a loving home. That's why Subaru and its retailers, like us, partner with a local animal shelter every October to provide direct financial assistance and host adoption events to help animals find loving homes. Through our partnership with local and national organizations, we have donated over $51 million, which has supported the adoption, rescue, transport, and health of over 420,000 animals. We're proud to be the largest corporate donor to the ASPCA.


The Subaru Share the Love® Event

Subaru and its retailers believe in giving back to our communities. That's why for every new vehicle sold or leased during the Subaru Share the Love event, Subaru and its retailers, like us, makes a donation to national charities that our owners care about and to over 2,100 local charities where Subaru owners live and work.

Now, after 15 years, Subaru and our retailers have donated over $256 million to charity all to give back and to make the world a better place.

The Subaru Share the Love<sup>®</sup> Event

How is Baxter Subaru Omaha dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

  • Subaru Loves Pets Nebraska Humane Society
  • Subaru Loves to Help Omaha Children's Museum|Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands
  • Subaru Loves the Earth Keep Omaha Beautiful|Earth Day Omaha

Love Promise Stories from Baxter Subaru Omaha

Subaru and Baxter Subaru Omaha believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here.

Pioneering zero waste for a greener tomorrow at Baxter Subaru

At the heart of our Baxter Subaru store, a significant shift is taking place as we strive to become more environmentally conscious. This initiative is reshaping our strategies for waste management and environmental stewardship, establishing a higher benchmark for sustainability within our community. Our journey toward achieving zero waste began with a visit to the Subaru plant, where recycling is not just a practice, but a way of life. There, amidst the efficiency and dedication to sustainability, we were struck by a sobering realization: the sheer magnitude of waste we were sending to the landfill each week was simply unsustainable. This realization ignited our commitment to do better – not only for our employees, customers and community, but also for the planet we call home. Driven by a deep-seated belief in doing the right thing for everybody, we embarked on a journey of education and tangible action. Immersing ourselves in documentaries, conducting thorough research and confronting the realities of plastic pollution and environmental degradation, we answered a resounding call-to-action: to engage, educate and effect meaningful change, step by step. In collaboration with Hillside Solutions, a local waste-hauling business, we set out to redefine our store as a leader in environmental responsibility. Here’s a snapshot of our journey: 1. Conducted a thorough audit of all waste produced, identifying opportunities for recycling or composting. This included initiatives like sourcing compostable coffee cups and finding vendors to recycle our wood pallets. 2. Implemented custom signage highlighting the top items being discarded, alongside the reassignment of existing bins throughout the site. 3. Developed a comprehensive training video mandatory for all employees, ensuring widespread awareness and participation. 4. Assigned dedicated team members to oversee and encourage participation among their peers. 5. Instituted regular trash audits and sorts to maintain proper organization, with all store leaders initially participating to set a leading example. This intensive training process spanned two weeks but has since yielded remarkable rewards in sustainability. Since we began our journey to zero waste, we’ve significantly reduced our landfill waste from 96 yards of trash to a mere eight yards a week – effectively recycling over 90% of our waste. We’ve also committed to other green initiatives, such as installing solar panels, going paperless and more. Our efforts have been recognized with the "Zero Waste to Landfill" award from Hillside Solutions, a testament to our commitment. However, our journey continues. We remain steadfast in our dedication to progress, holding ourselves and our partners accountable as sustainability remains firmly entrenched in our values. As we look ahead, we invite others to join us on this journey. Together, let's work towards a brighter, cleaner future where zero waste is not just an aspiration, but a tangible reality.

Harley Goes Home!

In September 2023, Harley was surrendered to the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS), losing the only home this 9-year-old Rough Collie mix had ever known. However, Harley’s luck changed during the October Subaru Adoption Event. As a senior, Harley is considered an underdog, facing more challenges to adoption than other dogs, a category that is highlighted and championed by Subaru. David came to NHS looking to add a new friend to his household. After charming David, Harley went home and has been settling in, even becoming friendly with the resident cat! Harley especially likes that David works from home, he has his own yard AND he gets walks to stay socialized. This senior dog got a sweet new chapter added to his life! Thank you to the Baxter Subaru Omaha dealership for partnering with NHS to save animals’ lives and spotlight the underdog. Harley is living an incredible life and is wagging his tail again with Subaru’s support!

Volunteer Event for Subaru Share the Love event

What a fun week! In preparation for 2023 Subaru Share the Love EVENT, employees at Baxter Subaru Omaha visited our Westside Boys & Girls Club and our Millard Central Boys & Girls Club to spend some time with our members. They had a blast playing games in our gym and spending time reading as part of our Readers to Leaders program. Thank you Baxter Subaru Omaha for your support!

Baxter Subaru Loves The Nebraska Humane Society

Baxter Subaru Omaha is a full-service partner for homeless pets. (We couldn’t resist the pun!) Since 2015 this corporate collaborator has donated more than $100,000 to the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) to support all areas of pet rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming, and provided event sponsorships for Dining with Dogs and the Margre Durham Walk & Dogfest. While the actual monetary donations are the non-profit’s key to making ends meet, event sponsorships are vital in helping NHS persuade other organizations to donate. Most recently, in October 2023, during Subaru Loves Pets Month, Baxter Subaru Omaha covered the costs of 30 animals adopted and also hosted an adoption event at their dealership. This off-site opportunity allowed dogs get out of their kennels and showcase their true personalities to adopters in a more natural environment. The result was two out of three dogs found new homes AND Baxter covered a majority of the adoption fees. But Baxter Subaru Omaha didn’t stop there. When NHS needed a large van to transport thirteen dogs to Kansas State Veterinary College for surgeries, Baxter Subaru Omaha didn’t blink. They provided the large vehicle so the dogs could ride comfortably to the vet school and then back a week later. That gave the K-State vet students the valuable opportunity to operate on pets (under supervision), freed up 13 kennels at NHS, and let the veterinary staff work on other animals that needed their skills. Finally, when the NHS Pet Adoption on Wheels—the transport vehicle for adoption events—needed repairs, Baxter Subaru Omaha offered their expertise in tracking down some outdated parts and also covered the cost of the repairs. The “PAW” is back on the road courtesy of their generosity. Michael Bennett and his dog-loving staff are quick to help in any way possible to give underdogs a second chance. Truly, you can see why NHS says this local dealership is a full-service partner!

The Crosstrek that purred

One of Baxter Subaru of Omaha’s pet-loving staff members, Bayler, had no idea when she came to work one rainy, cool morning that her family would grow by four paws that day. When Bayler entered the dealership, the service staff was abuzz about a tiny kitten who was found under the hood of a customer’s 2021 Subaru Crosstrek. It’s no wonder the customer heard a noise coming from the engine area, and this is why she brought the vehicle in that day! This little tabby was incredibly lucky that she wasn’t injured! Bayler instantly fell in love with the timid, tiny kitty with giant green eyes, who would later be named “2021 Subaru Crosstrek” - Rue for short. Bayler took Rue home that night and to the veterinarian a few days later. The vet said Rue was about four weeks old - too young to be weaned, but very healthy. Rue spent several weeks in Bayler’s room, away from the other family pets, so she could get acclimated to her new home. She was very nervous at first and would not even eat or accept cuddles. After some time, Bayler finally convinced Rue to eat kitty yogurt packets that she fed her by hand, while holding her in a heated blanket. As soon as Rue was introduced to the rest of the furbabies in Bayler’s home, she and Mac ‘n Cheese, another grey tabby about four months her senior, bonded and they are still inseparable to this day. Subaru loves pets!

Baxter Subaru Shares the Love with Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands

Baxter Subaru has been a generous partner of the Clubs for many years providing support in different capacities for our Club members. Baxter Subaru has also been a supporter of our Youth of the Month program, which is a program where our Club staff chooses a representative from their Club each month who has shown commitment to their local community and is inspiring other Club members to participate, help make a difference, and support their community. In correlation with our Youth of the Month is our Youth of the Year program, which continues that focus and development of Boys & Girls Clubs members as leaders beginning at the local level with opportunities to compete for the organizational title and move on to state, regional, and national levels. This program continues to support our members as they become the next generation of leaders, including teen members like Margaret Smith. “The bell rings on the first day of school, I feel my palms getting sweaty and I was a little light-headed. I reached for the doors of Boys & Girls Club, biting my nails and swaying with the breeze. But as soon as I made it past the entrance, I was greeted by some of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. They could sense my emotions and did everything they could to make sure I felt comfortable. At the beginning of my Club experience, I sat in the office a lot, lost-minded and confused about who I truly was. It was hard for me to meet new people, but at the Club, I was always surrounded by new people. As I got more comfortable with them, I eventually feel some of the puzzle pieces being set into place for who I was… … I would not be who I am today or have gained so many life-changing experiences if it wasn’t for the Boys & Girls Clubs taking me in and making me the confident person I am today. The Clubs have changed me for the better and helped me break out of my shell. Words cannot possibly explain how grateful I am for every single person that has helped me, provided advice, or watched me grow at Boys & Girls Clubs. When I am older and moved on in my life beyond the Club, I know I will always have joy knowing that the Club will still be there for me and encouraging me on every step of my journey.” Thank you to Baxter Subaru for Sharing the Love of the Clubs today, tomorrow, and for generations to come!

Baxter Subaru Omaha brings the FUN to Light The Night Omaha!

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) Nebraska is so proud to partner with Baxter Subaru Omaha each year for Light The Night. Baxter Subaru sponsors the Hydration Station and brings fun games and activities for attendees to enjoy. It was a warm September day, so the Hydration Station was a busy spot last Thursday. The Baxter Subaru employees were so engaging and friendly and really made the attendees feel welcomed. Thank you for everything you do to support our community, especially the patients, survivors and their families. We truly value our partnership with Baxter Subaru.

Sweetest Cookie in the Box!

Orson, a young tabby, came to the Nebraska Humane Society with a fractured leg. While spending time with our Animal Medical team, staff noticed he would lay in his litter box instead of a soft bed provided just for him. So, "thinking outside the box", one of our veterinarians took a giant plastic litter box, put a comfy fleece blanket in it, and then gently placed him in. As you can see from this photo, he loved it! Every day, he could be found lounging in the comfort of his very own special box. We are happy to report that he is recovering nicely in his foster home. Because his foster family, Rob and Rachel, love him so much, they plan on adopting him once he is medically cleared! Thank YOU FOR SAVING HIS LIFE! Fun fact: Baxter Subaru supports many of the programs at the Nebraska Humane Society! Rachel, Orson's new mom, is thrilled to hear about Subaru's support of the NHS. Rachel is the proud owner of a Subaru from Baxter!

A Village for Ralph!

Ralph, an adorable Border Collie mix, arrived at the Nebraska Humane Society in early April after tragically being hit by a car. He was in a desperate state, and little did he know just how many hands would help him! A good Samaritan took him to Southpaw Vet Clinic, which then transferred him to the NHS. Radiographs showed a dislocated hip and broken leg! Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center came to the rescue, as they always do, and got him in right away for surgery, where two screws were placed in the broken leg to hold it together and his hip joint fixed. Ralph is now on the road to recovery and is currently being fostered by our foster partner, the Omaha Correctional Center. Once he receives a clean bill of health, he will be on his way to his safe and loving home!  BECAUSE OF YOU – Ralph survived! Subaru Loves Pets® helps keep our critical care program in motion!

The missing Oreo

The lovely, lovely, lovely employees at Baxter Subaru reunited my family with my lost dog who had been missing for FIVE days. They found her hiding out in their car wash and took the time to look through various missing pet facebook groups and repeatedly reached out until they got ahold of us and returned our pet. They went over and above to make sure our little Oreo got home. The management even offered to pay for her grooming services to clean up her horrible messy fur after her adventure. I am so grateful for these wonderful people and Baxter should be incredibly proud of their employees. Wonderful humans!!!

Baxter Subaru donates 1,500 socks to Siena Francis House

Siena Francis House would like to express its gratitude for the recent support of Baxter Subaru. On February 16, 2023, Baxter Subaru made a donation of 1,500 pairs of socks to Siena Francis House. The Baxter Subaru team showed up in the middle of snow storm, with over six inches already on the ground and more falling around them as the socks were unloaded! This extraordinary donation will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients. Individuals experiencing homelessness may not have access to the clothing items most of us take for granted; Siena Francis House is able to meet these basic needs thanks to donations from community partners like Baxter Subaru. This donation was made possible by the Subaru Loves to Help initiative, and represents a joint effort by Baxter Subaru Omaha and Baxter Subaru La Vista. Thank you Baxter Subaru for supporting Siena Francis House and those who need it most in our community!

Inspiring our at-risk kids to reach for the stars!

I want to share how the relationship between Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands and Baxter Subaru has helped lift the hearts and minds of our Club members and staff. We have been blessed to be named the Hometown charity for the Subaru Share the Love event for seven years and counting. Through this time the Share the Love donations have exceeded $275,000 to help us care for children in our community who need a safe place to go during out-of-school time. We also enjoy when the Baxter Subaru team stops by our Clubs to read to the students and helps with events. Baxter Subaru here in Omaha has gone above and beyond this year by matching Subaru of America’s donation of $250.00, encouraging our Club members to Share the Love with a sponsorship of the Youth of the Month program as well as helping to support our families in need this Christmas. For the next three years, Baxter Subaru will be sponsoring the Youth of the Month at nine Boys & Girls Club locations each month. The Youth of the Month are chosen by Club staff and have shown a commitment to helping the community around them and inspiring other Club members to share the love. Each winner will receive $50.00, and an offsite celebration sponsored by Baxter Subaru. Their families and peers will be so proud when their pictures are posted in the Club, on our website, and on social media and Baxter Subaru will be posting it on their social media monthly. Baxter Subaru has also shown love by adopting five Club families in need for this Christmas season. These families are in the most need of a Christmas miracle and their holidays will be brighter when Santa makes his visit this year. Baxter Subaru staff are purchasing the gifts that were on their wish list and providing a great holiday meal for the families. This will truly be a magical Christmas for these families. Thank you Baxter Subaru for all you to do support our Club members! Elizabeth Donner Chief Development Officer

Baxter Subaru Shines Light on the Darkness of Cancer in Omaha!

Baxter Subaru has been such a supportive and involved community partner with LLS's Light The Night Campaign. They always show up in BIG ways at the event and really engage their local team of employees in the LLS mission of curing blood cancers. Through their continued support and fundraising efforts we are raising money for lifesaving research and treatments. Our WHY is people like Grady, our LTN Honored Hero. In spring of 2020, Grady was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Grady and his partents spent 11 nights at the hospital with the initial diagnosis. During this time, Grady lost his ability to walk, and it took almost two months to gain his strength to walk again with the help from PT.  Fast forward to today, Grady is a wild four-year-old boy and continues to be in remission. He loves construction, dinosaurs, and anything with wheels. Grady loves playing and spending time with his friends. Last winter he became a big brother and has fallen into that role perfectly. Anyone that meets Grady will tell you that he leaves a special mark on their heart. He is resilient and inspiring. 

Baxter Subaru supports The Furniture Project Omaha

The seed that would grow into the Furniture Project was planted in 2013, when Drew Gerken and several of his colleagues on the Omaha Fire Department met a family who did not have any furniture. When asked where they slept, the children showed the firefighters their suitcases and said that they put some of their clothing on the floor and cover up in the remaining. The firefighters returned to the fire station and decided that they must try to do something. They reached out via social media and within a day were able to fully furnish this small apartment and had a few things left over. That first family may have no idea what an impact they made on the community that day, but they continue to inspire us to go out and serve those in need. Baxter Subaru's sponsorship of The Furniture Project's two delivery trucks and creation of the Subaru Goodwill Fund will allow us to deliver not only furniture, but also hope. We are so grateful that Baxter Subaru is standing with The Furniture Project as we work together to give our neighbors comfortable beds to sleep in, a kitchen table to sit at, and a furnished space to be a family.

Subaru promotes adoptions, provides funding and improves lives of pets and their people!

Baxter Subaru Omaha is an all-in partner when it comes to supporting pets. Their sponsorship of the Nebraska Humane Society’s Margre Durham Walk for the Animals helped NHS exceed the event’s 2022 goal. But the event is about more than funds raised. Support from dedicated sponsors like Baxter provides participants with a pet friendly festival that strengthens the Human-Animal bond. Baxter Subaru Omaha also offered up their dealership and dog park for an adoption event on the 4th annual National Make a Dog’s Day. Hosting the Pet Adoption on Wheels (PAW) gave adoptable pets the chance to shine away from the shelter, facilitating adoptions of several and a second chance at a new life. Rounding out their “trifecta” of support, Baxter partnered with NHS during the month of October for the Subaru Loves Pets Adoption Campaign. The entire month of October, Subaru promoted adoptions of long-term pets at the Nebraska Humane Society. Subaru also donated to the agency for the first 30 dogs adopted during the month. We are so grateful to Baxter Subaru Omaha for their part in helping deserving animals find the comfort of a loving and safe home. They are truly saving lives and bettering our community for pets and the people who love them. BRAVO!

Jamari's Story

At the age of five months old I was involved in a life-threatening car accident. A drunk driver hit the car I was in, causing antifreeze to leak on me, burning my skin. I was rushed to the hospital where I had to have many surgeries. As I got older, I had low self-esteem due to the fact I looked different from other kids. As much as I wanted to blend in, my scars always seemed to draw unwanted attention. I became depressed and looked for help in all the wrong places. Life seemed overwhelming at times, and I needed a safe place. In fourth grade I found that safe place at the North Omaha Boys & Girls Club. At the Club, I was able to participate in sports and activities that I used to be afraid to do. I started to make friends and build positive relationships with Club staff. Club staff encouraged me to study and do my homework. They even helped me find my passion to go to college to become an accountant. One day I hope to be able to give back to the Boys & Girls Club for giving me the chance to be a better version of myself and for allowing me to be defined by the person I am, rather than the scars on my body. I want to be able to share my story with other children so that they can make better choices. The youth are the future, so I plan on using my influence to save them just as the Boys & Girls Club saved me. Jamari, like many Club alumni, is now working in the Club while pursuing his college education. Thanks for the support, Subaru!

Sidney's Story

Twelve years ago, I walked into the Council Bluffs Boys & Girls Club. At first, I was terrified of the new experience, but I joined and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been gifted with an abundance of opportunities at the Club. Despite being youthful and naïve, Club programs sparked the foundations of knowledge necessary to become an individual who loves the world and everything it has to offer. Each Club program helped me realize that I had to do what made me happy and utilize an extraordinary work ethic in order to make something out of it. This fall, with the support of Boys & Girls Clubs and a lot of hard work and determination, I began my first semester on a full-ride scholarship, at Columbia University, in New York City. Thanks to the support of Subaru Share the Love, Club members like Sidney are able to follow their dreams!

LLS & Nebraska Medicine

The afternoon of June 21st, LLS was lucky enough to team up with Baxter Subaru and spread love, hope, and warmth to patients at Nebraska Medicine. After Michael Bennet, the General Manager at Baxter Subaru, and his team showed up we were met by the wonderful oncology staff at Nebraska Medicine. You could feel the excitement in the air as everyone headed up the elevators to pass out blankets and craft kits to the patients receiving infusion treatments. Baxter was amazing as they came to help unload and you could tell that the experience meant as much to them as it did to the patients that would receive the blankets and care cards. It was a great day for LLS, Baxter Subaru, and Nebraska Medicine patients and staff!

Math Matters Makes A Difference

DeMarcus is seven and has been a North Omaha Club member for a year and half. He is an outgoing member, who attends the club every day of the week. North Omaha Club Director, Dave Felici shared, “DeMarcus has always gravitated towards sports – especially basketball. He’s very athletic.” The Math Matters program started in the summer of 2021. DeMarcus was hesitant to participate. He displayed disruptive behavior and was reluctant to join in on math activities. He was struggling with basic math concepts. But DeMarcus continued to participate in the program, thanks to caring staff like Ms. J and Ms. Tinnes who make it fun and interactive. DeMarcus is able to participate in hands-on math activities to keep him engaged with learning. He also receives one-on-one attention, which DeMarcus loves. As soon as DeMarcus arrives at the club each day, he immediately heads to the Education Center to participate in Math Matters. Today DeMarcus has more confidence, and is super excited to play math games. He has shown growth on his assessments, and is continuing to grow each day. Math Matters Director, Allison Tinnes, shared “DeMarcus is full of energy and is always willing to participate. He loves his time with Math Matters.” Thank you for the support, Subaru!

Subaru Provides Great Futures!

Subaru’s generosity to Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands provides life-changing support for Club members in need. Brooklyn is a kindergartner who joined the Clubs last year and attended virtually every day while the Club was temporarily closed. A quiet and polite Club kid, Brooklyn enrolled in a Club literacy program, Readers to Leaders Headsprout. Each day, she would come into the Learning Center and sit down to begin her lesson without any direction from staff. Over the course of only seven months, she completed 80 Headsprout lessons and read 75 books! She recently graduated to our STAR Reading Program. Council Bluffs Club Director, Chris Peterson, had this to say about Brooklyn's progress: "What’s most amazing about Brooklyn is that she began as a non-reader and now she has progressed almost two full grade levels in reading in just seven months here at the Council Bluffs Boys & Girls Club. Now that’s what I’d call a TRUE SUCCESS story!" With Subaru’s continued support, the Clubs have been able to help thousands of children like Brooklyn succeed every day! We are grateful to Subaru for their commitment to the Clubs and Great Futures!

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Starting them young...

Ever since we visited the Baxter Subaru of Omaha when purchasing my 2019 Crosstrek, my son, Milo, has been OBSESSED. He's on the autism spectrum, and he quickly educated himself on all of the models, styles, and trim packages available on Subaru cars. This is a kid who would rather go to the Subaru website and build his own cars than watch videos on YouTube. When we are in the car he will call out all the Subaru cars he sees, and tell me what type of trim package they have. It's become a game with my entire family actually! For his 8th birthday, we wanted to do something special for him. He's never had a real birthday party because his birthday is in the summer, and since he's on spectrum he never really told us who he'd want to invite. when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, the only answer he ever gave me was "Subaru models." My husband had the idea to reach out to the sales team at Subaru to make his birthday special. I was originally thinking that we would buy a bunch of hot wheel versions of Subaru cars and then have the team at Baxter give them to him, but after reaching out, I was met with a "we got this" attitude and they took it from there. That birthday was hands down the most magical day in my son's life. He walked in to a gigantic group of employees greeting him by name. A table with presents and a Subaru cake with his name on it. There were balloons and decorations, and even a dog with the name Milo! They sang to him and they set off party poppers to celebrate him. They took him back to the shop to see various cars getting worked on. They took him out to the lot where we got to see cars being delivered. They even had one of their employees find him a BRZ (which he'd never seen in person until that day!) to explore. They topped it off with presents - not only did he get GENUINE SUBARU hot wheel cars, he also got a Lego Ascent (Touring! His favorite!), a stuffed dog, a waterbottle, and shirts (which he wears every day!). Months later, this is still a day that he talks about on a regular basis. What was even cooler (in this mom's opinion) was when we went to get my oil changed a few weeks later, I had to remind him that he wasn't getting a party this time. But we walked in, and he was STILL treated like a celebrity. They all knew him by name. They took him back to the shop at the new location. They allowed him to explore the cars on the floor. And we even got him a Subaru hat. When I say that they changed his life, it is not an understatement. They truly went above and beyond to make his birthday special, and I am forever grateful for that. I will personally stick with Subaru for life after that, and I know he will too. I love my car, but I also love the people who sold me my car, and who make a lasting impression on a pretty cool 8 year old kid.

Providing Hope and Joy to Local Wish Kids

In conjunction with the thirteenth annual Subaru Share the Love® event, Baxter Subaru hosted a Stuff the Subaru Toy Drive throughout the month of December. For this event, customers were encouraged to stop into the dealership and stuff a Subaru full of donated, unused toys for children with critical illnesses in Nebraska. Baxter Subaru not only collected toys for wish kids, but they also donated gift cards so Make-A-Wish Nebraska could purchase even more toys for local wish kids! For many of our wish kids, their wish experience begins with a toy. It’s the wish granters’ way to get kids excited. What looks like a normal toy to most, turns into a prized possession to a wish child—something they can cherish far after the wish experience has ended. And after the unprecedented year 2020 turned out to be, wish kids need hope and joy now more than ever. We are grateful for Baxter Subaru and its customers for giving local wish kids the gift of hope this holiday season.

Boys & Girls Club Support Members During Pandemic

The pandemic posed new challenges for Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands and the youth they serve. Being able to stay connected and provide support continued to be a top priority for the Clubs during the shutdown. Prior to re-opening the Clubs, Millard Central Boys & Girls Club utilized V.O.I.C.E. (Virtual Online Interactive Club Experience) programming to keep members engaged and safe. "Since reopening with many restrictions, it can be quite challenging to create new programs that follow guidelines and still have that high level of fun." said STEM Director Andile Mahlangeni-Bydon. They found tournaments have been a big hit at the Club in the recent weeks! Some popular tournaments include Retro Video Games, Dance Dance Revolution, Carpet Ball, 3-Point Basketball Contests and Arts & Crafts. Winners of each tournament received special awards! "We love them because of the competitiveness, the ability to create healthy social interactions and the many teachable moments our staff can utilize during that time." said Andile. Thanks to the generous support of Baxter Subaru, Boys & Girls Clubs is able to provide safe, engaging programing to Omaha's local youth.

Supporting Food Bank for the Heartland

Across the Heartland, families continue to struggle with the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are seeking emergency food assistance for the first time. Thank you to Baxter Subaru and its extraordinary employees for supporting Food Bank for the Heartland during this crisis. Baxter Subaru donated 160,000 critical meals for children, families and seniors across Nebraska and western Iowa. Baxter Subaru employees also volunteered at one of the Food Bank’s mobile pantry sites during the summer distributing meals to at-risk children. From March 20 to August 7, the Mobile BackPack program provided 421,175 children’s meals. We are grateful to Baxter Subaru for generously supporting Food Bank for the Heartland’s mission!

Subaru Supports Shelter Pets

Thank you, Baxter Subaru, for continuing to share the love and mission of the Nebraska Humane Society in 2020. Baxter’s ongoing support, through both funding, and resource donation, allows us to continue serving pets and their owners in our community, even during the pandemic. The “Subaru Loves Pets” Grant Program has helped us fund shots, spays and neuters to prepare pets for an adoption event. Baxter offered up their showroom and dog park to our trainers as an offsite location for obedience classes. And Baxter also pledged support for our Black Tie and Tails event and the Margre Durham Walk for the Animals, as our fundraising efforts go virtual in these uncertain times. Baxter Subaru is a community champion and we are so grateful they “love pets!”

Mystery of the Creaking Steering Column

Exceptional service: Just barely out of warranty, my 2016 Legacy developed a “ creaky-door” noise in the steering column with turns. I brought it to Baxter Subaru Service department for evaluation. As the noise was intermittent, mechanics were unable to duplicate it on 3 separate occasions. As you can imagine, this was very frustrating for me. Mechanic John inspected the steering column and assured me that the car was safe to drive. As the noise persisted , I brought my car back for further evaluation. Service Manager Dylan Page assured me that he would do all in his power to get the problem solved . He remained professional and patient and kept me updated over the few months we worked on this problem.Mechanic John worked, also with professionalism and patience ,under Dylan’s direction to find and fix the problem. Amanda who answered my texts to Dylan while he was out of office (getting married) suggested that I try to record the noise. From these recordings Dylan and John were able to determine that the noise might be related to use of the blinkers . John replaced the blinker switch and the noise has not recurred since. Dylan was able to cover the work under warranty for which I am very grateful. Thanks to all !! I will continue to come to Baxter Subaru Service Department for all my Subaru Service needs because they give exceptional service. Sincerely , Mary Minturn

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Baxter Subaru Lights The Night 2019

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is proud to be aligned with Baxter Subaru and their support of our community. Thanks to dedicated sponsors like Baxter Subaru, funds raised from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Light The Night Walk help support the research of blood cancer treatments that save lives. The Light The Night Walk brings together families and communities to honor blood cancer survivors, as well as those lost to the diseases, and our team is helping to shine a light on the importance of finding cures and providing access to treatments for blood cancer patients. Without generous community partners like Baxter Subaru, LLS could not fund the research of such treatments as targeted therapies that zero in on cancer cells and kill them or immunotherapy drugs that use a patient's own immunes system to kill cancer. Friends, families and co-workers form fundraising teams, and millions of consumers help by donating at retail outlets. These efforts culminate in inspirational, memorable evening walks in over 200 communities across North America each fall. Thank you Baxter Subaru for bringing us all closer to living in a world without blood cancers! Below are just a few pictures from this year’s event.


Boys and Girls Clubs of the Midlands

Thank you, Baxter Subaru, for sharing the love with Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands! The generosity from the 2018 Subaru Share the Love Event impacts more than 7,000 youth in our Clubs. This gift ensures our children and teens have a safe place where they can receive a hot meal, academic support, career and character development, and learn to lead healthy lives. Support from Subaru allows us to provide high-quality programming, from STEM to literacy to the arts, to more than 2,000 members each day. With your support, youth like Tony have been able to overcome difficult challenges in life and find positive role models and leadership opportunities through Boys & Girls Clubs. In fact, Tony was a recent Youth of the Year recipient and is now a leader among his peers. "The Club has given me a safe place and has started laying a path that will undoubtedly lead me to future success." Thank you to Baxter Subaru for believing in the potential of all young people like Tony!

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Baxter Subaru Loves to Care

The afternoon of June 26th, LLS was lucky enough to team up with Baxter Subaru and spread love, hope, and warmth to patients at Nebraska Medicine. After Tom Huber, the General Manager at Baxter Subaru, and his team showed up we were met by the wonderful staff at Nebraska Medicine. Including Dr. Matt Lunning and his family, and LLS Board Member, Robbe Peetz, PA-C from Nebraska Medicine. Both Dr. Lunning and Robbe Peetz are implemental support for blood patients at Nebraska Medicine and work hard to team with LLS in making sure patients receive the care they need. Dr. Lunning plays a big part in the lives of patients receiving the new Car T-Cell Therapy, which is saving lives! You could feel the excitement in the air as together everyone headed up the elevators to pass out blankets to the patients receiving infusion treatments. We first met Jo Wooden, who was in for a treatment and in good spirits, she chatted with Dr. Lunning and a couple of the guys from Baxter. She was so grateful to receive the blanket, and the team from Baxter was excited to share the moment with her. The Baxter Team once given the go, ahead spread out and covered the center making sure that every patient received a message of love and warmth, no one was left out. The Baxter Team left the floor with so many feelings of love, hope, and warmth it could be felt all around!

Thank you for your donation!!!!!

I am one of several board members from The Good Life Bulldog Rescue in Omaha, NE. We just wanted to thank Michael Hui and Subaru for the extremely generous donation of blankets. These will come in handy to keep our foster pups warm and cozy during this winter season and mean so very much to us!! Thank you Michael and thank you Subaru!!

Subaru Loves Pets

This past year Baxter Subaru has shared the love with the Nebraska Humane Society. Baxter was a major sponsor of our Dining with Dogs event. This evening out not only raised funds for homeless animals, it does so by involving animals who already have great homes. “Dining with Dogs” is just what the name suggests, a night out for people and their pets. This crazy fun time lets dog owners show off their pets in a safe, enjoyable atmosphere that is set up specifically to be pet friendly. The cocktail hour provides hors d’oeuvres for dogs and libations for people. Then the sit down dinner lets folks enjoy communing with other pet lovers, and of course, their pets too! By supporting events like these Baxter helps further our community’s human/animal bond while helping to raise very necessary funds for pets needing a second chance. Tail wags of thanks to Baxter Subaru for their continued support of NHS and for their animal love!


Baxter Subaru Lights the Night with LLS

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is proud to be aligned with Baxter Subaru and their support of our community. Thanks to dedicated sponsors like Baxter Subaru, funds raised from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Light The Night Walk help support the research of blood cancer treatments that save lives. The Light The Night Walk brings together families andcommunities to honor blood cancer survivors, as well as those lost to the diseases, and our team is helping to shine a light on the importance of finding cures and providing access to treatments for blood cancer patients. Without generous partner like Baxter Subaru, LLS could not fund the research of such treatments as targeted therapies that zero in on cancer cells and kill them or immunotherapy drugs that use a patient's own immunes system to kill cancer. Friends, families and co-workers form fundraising teams, andmillions of consumers help by donating at retail outlets. These effortsculminate in inspirational, memorable evening walks in over 200 communitiesacross North America each fall. Thank you Baxter Subaru for bringing us all closer to living in a world without blood cancers! Below are just a few pictures from this year’s event.


Subaru Loves the Earth helps Keep Omaha Beautiful

Keep Omaha Beautiful had the honor of partnering with Subaru Loves the Earth for Youth Fall Cleanup (YFC). Youth Fall Cleanup offers young Omaha volunteers the opportunity to connect to the environment through meaningful community service. With Baxter Subaru's help, we had the biggest YFC in the event's 32-year-history. During the weekend of October 20-22nd, approximately 1,000 volunteers cleaned up litter at 36 different locations across the city, including local parks, trails, and school yards. In total, volunteers contributed 1,991 hours of community service over the weekend, collecting 467 bags of litter (trash and recycling) out of public spaces. Baxter Subaru hosted their own cleanup event in conjunction with the overall YFC weekend at Levi Carter Park for employee's families, customers, and community members to get involved. 65 volunteers attended this event and cleaned up 21 bags of trash and 19 bags of recycling, mostly from the lake's shoreline. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with Baxter Subaru, as their commitment to environmental sustainability aligns with our organization's mission to foster environmental and community stewardship in Omaha. Their support allowed Youth Fall Cleanup to have a large-scale impact on the city, and we look forward to future opportunities to work with them in advancing sustainability in our community.


Subaru Loves the Earth and Chandler View!

This spring, Baxter Subaru came to our school to help us plant the perennials sent to us by Subaru Loves the Earth. They brought tools, organic soil, and a bird feeder for our school. It was a very special evening for us as we headed off to the school board meeting afterwards to receive our US Department of Education Green Ribbon School Award. Thanks to Baxter Subaru for helping us plant our island garden with wonderful pollinator plants!


Warmth and Hope Care Packages for Cancer Patients

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) – Nebraska Chapter was proud to partner with Baxter Subaru in Omaha, Nebraska during June’s “Subaru Loves to Care” month to support cancer patients. A total of 80 blankets and 10 care kits were delivered to the new Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center at Nebraska Medicine. LLS and Baxter executives delivered the gifts to patients undergoing treatment in the hospital’s infusion rooms. The patients were extremely appreciative of the kind gesture. It was both a humbling and touching experience to interact with the patients. One of them, a woman, said she was fighting cancer a second time. She has to win the fight, she said, because she has four grandchildren to live for. The warrior grandmother proudly posed for a photo with her blanket and Baxter staff. Baxter General Manager Michael Bennett told LLS that her bravery and positive demeanor made him teary. The entire experience was life-changing for each of us. We can’t thank Baxter Subaru enough!


Easter Egghunt

Here at the Westside Boys & Girls Club, we held our 3rd Annual Easter Egg hunt. Baxter workers came out and did a fantastic job helping with the games, bounce house, food, etc. It was really nice to see the Baxter workers talking to parents and members, helping out whether it was with carrying trays for families to the tables or assisting where needed. They even bust a move with the kids while the DJ played some of their favorite songs. It was nice to see the look on the members face when they saw that even grown ups can dance! We were so grateful to have a group of people that dedicated their weekend to making sure our event was successful. Thanks Baxter!!


Omaha Burke High School Mural Story

The art department at Burke was contacted by our local Subaru dealer and Brent McCoid specifically about a mural project in the newly renovated waiting area of their showroom. The art teachers discussed how to approach this request and which students we should include. We talked about the art club or the painting students or the Advanced Placement students. We settled on the AP students since their class period was the lunch hour and potentially the best to travel to the dealership to work. Next we approached the students themselves and they were very eager for the opportunity. The students were willing to go during class to the dealer and some were able to work after school, but not many. This group is a very involved group who are balancing school groups and clubs with sports and part time jobs. In the end we decided to create the murals on large canvases to be installed at the dealership. We then met with Brent and another employee during class and bounced ideas off of each other. The students had some sketches and we ended up combining some of the designs to narrow down to 4 ideas that involved children and of course, Subaru cars! When then spent every class period and many working lunches over the next 4 weeks to create some vibrant, creative, imaginative murals to hang at the dealership. The students were literally painting still as we walked out of the classroom to deliver the paintings. The kids worked extremely hard and learned a LOT about commissioned artworks!


Baxter Subaru raises over $10,000 for Make-A-Wish!

Baxter Subaru raised over $10,200 to help make more Nebraska wishes come true during the Subaru Share the Love Campaign. Baxter's gift will fully fund a wish from a child battling a life-threatening medical condition in Nebraska. We truly appreciate Baxter Subaru's support of our mission, we thank every staff member who shared about the power of a wish and the impact it has on our children.


Nebraska Humane Society & Baxter Subaru

Animals at the Nebraska Humane Society are incredibly lucky to have Baxter Subaru in their corner. The dealership has been an active partner of the shelter, sponsoring our Walk for the Animals and encouraging their employees to participate. The “Walk” is our biggest annual fundraiser and allows everyone, from runners and joggers to cat nappers and couch potatoes, the opportunity to help homeless animals. Walking with our dogs is so simple, but it strengthens the human-animal bond, and allows our entire community to engage and be a part of our mission. In 2017 Baxter furthered their commitment to helping animals by offering a memorial for a little abused dog who was, coincidentally, named Baxter. The Baxter memorial fund will continue to help animals on a yearly basis. Our goal is to rescue and return, or rehabilitate and rehome, animals who need a second chance. With Baxter Subaru’s support, we are making that happen. We offer up a huge tail-wag of thanks to Baxter Subaru for their love promise in championing the cause of homeless animals in Omaha, Nebraska.


Subaru and Omaha Children's Museum

In 2016, Omaha Children's Museum celebrated its 40th birthday as a special place where young children can engage their imagination and create excitement about learning. As our 40th anniversary sponsor, Baxter Subaru was a part of each and every celebration in this milestone year for the museum and played a major role in supporting our exhibits, special events and so much more. What is unique about partnering with Baxter Subaru is their commitment and dedication to being a part of the collaboration, supporting exhibit design, creative marketing, and ultimately serving families within the Omaha community. We are so proud we could share this momentous year for Omaha Children's Museum with an organization like Baxter Subaru.


Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands

We cherish our partnership with Baxter Subaru and being part of the Love Promise. Baxter Subaru have involved their employees with several of our Clubs and have taken a hands on approach with sharing the love. The share the love campaign has also given a higher profile to the Clubs in Omaha and Western Iowa that have allowed us to garner additional support, which can be added to the Subaru contribution, to offer our cutting edge programs in literacy, STEM, graphic arts, digital arts, traditional arts, character and leadership development and healthy lifestyles to more than 2,000 members per day. It’s partners like Baxter Subaru that make Omaha a tremendous community that is always striving to be better and always looking out for fellow citizens in need. Our mission focuses on serving the kids who need us most and helping them become productive members of society and Baxter Subaru helps us fulfill that promise to our members by fulfilling their love promise in the community!

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